MSA audiences increased  on-year as leisure, business, commuter audiences continued to embrace mobility throughout 2023.

Audiences were up a very robust +4% on 2019 levels and reached a total of 340 million annual visits, from 182 million cars. A record average weekly audience of 6.53 million visited MSAs last year, up from 6.3 million.

Eleven out of twelve months across the year delivered growth, with audiences continuing to advance in line with key Moments across the year.

With May’s Spring Bank Holiday Half Term week, the entire School summer holiday period, and August Bank Holiday week all reaching 7.6–7.7 million weekly visitors (+20% above average), and several key Moments across the year reaching an average of 7.2 million (+10% above our annual average), it is this influx of young, family and upscale leisure visitors – two thirds of the total visitors overall – that define and drive continued growth in MSA visits.