i-media sustainable

Pathway to a more sustainable future

Sustainability at the forefront of our national agenda

The UK has adopted a 2050 net zero emissions target, revising its previous goals. Meanwhile, nearly nine-in-ten consumers have become greener in their purchasing in the last five years, offering companies a major opportunity to tap into sustainability demand. A third of UK consumers are prepared to pay more for sustainable products and services and half of the population think we should bring all emissions to net zero before 2050.

Every ad should be a green ad

Through its Ad Net Zero initiative, the ad industry has an ambition for every ad to be a green ad. OOH companies are key partners in helping decarbonize cities and OOH environments. Initiatives include investing in regeneration projects, using recyclable energy, replacing company service vehicles with EVs, reducing power output at quiet times and upgrading to more energy-efficient screens. We can always do more and are working with clients and partners to deliver effective and sustainable communication.

Making a difference

We understand the importance of sustainability and have partnered with a sustainability expert, Planet Mark, to put in place a sustainability programme that can achieve our ambition to operate in a carbon neutral way from 2022 onwards and achieve net zero status by 2030 or sooner. In 2023, we achieved our second consecutive year of Planet Mark certification, which represents a 20% carbon reduction by annual turnover. We have been working with partners that share the same ideologies on sustainability, invested offset resource in two sustainable global projects, and ensured reduced employee tCO2e emissions, with levels per employee down 32%.

Our CEO Jonathan Lewis comments, “However small or insignificant it may feel, anything and everything makes a difference. We feel a strong sense of responsibility to ensure our investment in and use of digital assets is done in a way that does not impact the planet in a negative way.”

Championing Recycling

As part of our ongoing and total commitment to sustainable outcomes, the beginning of 2023 saw us transition our entire A3 washroom panel inventory to 100% recycled paper, which is fully recyclable after use.

We are also partnered with recycling and waste management service First Mile, who have awarded us their Silver Recycling Standard award for our recycling efforts in 2022- meaning we recycled at least 50% of our waste and sent nothing to landfill. In 2023 we’ll be aiming to achieve the Gold Award by recycling at least 80%+ of our waste.

Our long term vision

  • To achieve carbon neutral status – 2022
  • To achieve net zero status – 2030
  • Provide a portion of our media space for sustainability-relevant brands/partners – 2022
  • Change company fleet vehicles from ICE to hybrid and/or EV – 2022/23
  • Embrace carbon-neutral initiatives, including switch-off and creative adjustments – 2023
  • Undertake internal workshops for i-media team to promote/educate on sustainability – 2022