Digital 6 Sheet Panels


Million motorists every week




Motorway Service Areas Nationwide

Our new D6 network is rolling out across 2022, with 520 screens (on 260 double-sided units) to be installed across our entire network of Motorway Service Areas (MSAs). Screens are placed in prime visible locations on entrance to the MSA facility, where an annual spend of £3 billion is made on non-fuel purchases.

Ads run on a consistent set of six 10-second loops, reaching our weekly audience of 6.3 million visitors with unmissable content as they both enter and exit the MSA buildings, with 1-4 digital screens installed at each venue.

Part of our transformation of MSAs, this ambitious digital installation and upgrade typifies the rapid transformation and recharge we are bringing to the changing MSA environment. Our commitment to improving and enhancing the advertising environment for our clients through this extensive screen roll out endorses our commitment to technology, data and quality of impact that defines outdoor advertising’s role in the ever-changing media mix.


  • National coverage
  • Business, leisure and high-spending audiences
  • Heavy footfall at point of sale
  • Fully flexible to target consumer moments