Mercedes-Benz Vito Nexus D48 advertising outside Motorway Services

New data has shown that visitor numbers to UK Motorway Service Areas have now risen above pre-Covid levels.

Admedia, the leading UK Outdoor media owner, with exclusive formats across all of the UK’s Motorway Services Areas (MSAs), has been monitoring thriving motorway traffic levels from a wide range of sources, with credible data pointing to this continuing for the rest of the year and into 2021.

Ian Webber, Admedia’s Head of Automotive Sales believes these increased footfall numbers offer great targeted value to the UK’s automotive industry: “Admedia’s motorway locations have always been able to reach a high proportion of UK’s motorists and these footfall numbers show that we can offer outstanding value in the current market”.

R. Chamberlain, Director, Fiat Commercial Vehicles said: “There is great value to us in knowing the nation’s motorway service stations are thriving at the moment. It’s reassuring to know that both business and leisure travel is showing strong signs of recovery and that personal mobility is seen as a way forward today”

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, “We recently chose to advertise in Motorway Service Areas because they are essential to the work routines of many UK professionals; particularly SMEs. With most SMEs being based outside of London, the news of increased traffic to Motorway Service Areas is definitely a positive sign that we are slowly heading towards a recovery.”

The data has been taken from a more in depth report on recent Outdoor advertising audiences by leading poster specialist, Kinetic. As part of their ‘Kinetic Journeys’ mobile analysis in conjunction with Adsquare, the report cites Motorway Services as the only environments where visitor footfall has returned to and surpassed the 100% pre-Covid norm. Specifically, traffic there has risen to 108% of pre-Covid levels, while the average UK mobility figure currently stands at 78%.

Admedia plan to combine this insight with results from their upcoming survey of UK motorists, the industry-leading ‘Drive Panel’. With questions investigating current consumer confidence supplemented by manufacturers such as Audi, Citroen and Honda, the responses are set to reveal the current mindset and motivations of UK car buyers. This market-leading research will be released in the coming weeks.