Busy Motorway Service Station Car Park

More than a quarter of people now use UK motorways more often for long distance journeys, new research shows.

The brand new ‘Drive Panel’ research by Admedia, the leading UK Outdoor media owner, found that an additional 28% of people who previously used other modes of transport for long journeys are now choosing to travel by motorway due to Covid-related concerns.

“Having seen a recent surge in Motorway traffic, our advertisers were keen to uncover specifically why this was,” says Phil Daniel, Admedia’s Managing Director Sales and Marketing. “Through our 1,500-person strong independent ‘Drive Panel’ of UK motorists, we were able to investigate consumer confidence surrounding personal mobility and automotive purchasing.”

The Admedia research has been made in direct collaboration with Audi, Citroen and Honda to provide critical insight to leaders in the automotive industry.

When it comes to the car buying process, the research returns a positive picture for the coming months. 75% of those who postponed buying a car for reasons related to Covid are once again looking to buy a vehicle soon.

The research also provides additional focus on automotive topics including decision making, alternative fuel vehicles and online purchase.

Admedia offer advertisers the chance to reach thriving levels of UK motorists thanks to their range of media formats across all of the UK’s Motorway Services Areas.